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JETPower Webinar Services and Webcast Services

Think about this scenario: your prospects request to be immersed in your branded experience for 1 hour and provide you instant feedback on where they stand with regard to purchasing a solution. Then they thank you for the experience and more than 20% become immediate sales opportunities.

There are few if any marketing tactics that can rival the results of JETPower webinars for lead generation and brand development. You won't find it in a 30 second advertising spot or in a full page ad in a publication. You also won't get these results from direct mail or email response rates.

Dr. Robert Cialdini, in his book Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion, provides some insight into the law of reciprocation and how powerful it is in driving behavior. This is just one component of JETPower webinars and webcasts that create a highly effective and captivating environment. Combine the law of reciprocation with user generated content, industry subject matter experts, audience engagement tools and you have a combination that can't be touched by traditional media and marketing tactics in terms of delivering results.

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There are other benefits as well. JETPower webinars provide one of the most cost effective lead generation and brand development tools for reaching a global audience. When the dollar is weak, foreign markets can be highly lucrative for US companies. JETPower webinars can help you take advantage of the lucrative market conditions.

At JET-A we make it very simple for our clients to launch a Webinar series or Webcast campaign. JetPower Webinars are turnkey so you don't have to spend resources cobbling together point solutions and attempt to manage the integration points. Here's a sampling of what we cover:
  • Content collaboration and development
  • Speaker recruitment
  • Prospecting database development
  • Email invitation design & execution
  • Webinar-Webcast promotion
  • Audience engagement strategy and technology
  • Webinar-Webcast registration
  • Webinar-Webcast coordination
  • Webinar-Webcast execution
  • Global web conferencing and audio conferencing
  • Webinar-Webcast recording
  • Comprehensive Webinar-Webcast reporting
  • Lead scoring
  • Recorded Webinar-Webcast hosting

We eliminate the complexity of the technology and processes for our clients and deliver the results stated above with a comprehensive suite of products and services that are modular. Therefore you never have to pay for something that you'll never use or invest in a technology platform that requires extensive training, maintenance or version upgrades.


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