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When it comes to generating new customers, most companies are facing hyper-competition, product parity and an ever-increasing level of noise that is deafening. This highly competitive and cluttered business environment spurs indecision, lengthens sales cycles and results in increasing customer acquisition costs.

At JET-A we help eliminate these obstacles by tapping into the growth of digital media consumption and creating a captivating user experience. The target audience is immersed in your brand with thought leadership and education via an online event. We create value for end-users who in turn reciprocate by engaging with our clients.

We eliminate the complexity and challenges of interactive marketing with turnkey solutions that include:

  • Webinar Production Services & Webcast Production Services
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Conferencing & Collaboration Services
  • Continuing Education Events

The results are amazing; delivering a highly educated prospect, shorter sales cycle and unsurpassed brand building. Unlike traditional advertising you’ll experience the power of influence unleashed with contextual accuracy, relevant reach, behavioral targeting and minimal waste.


Don't let images get in the way of your email marketing: All too often marketeers don't design email for the inbox. They include large headers and images that take up the critical real estate that is displayed in the preview pane. Keep the upper left hand corner devoted to text that explains the value of the email and you'll see open rates improve dramatically.


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